representing business from first concepts

to multigenerational legacy

Erickson & Whitaker’s attorneys have decades of experience helping business owners along the path of their businesses’ success and development through the storms of lawsuits and regulatory compliance to opportunities for acquisitions, capitalization, and diversification.

Multi-generational Businesses

As succession planners we help businesses plan for continuity across generations and structure for new investors or plan exit strategies for founders.

Tax-tuned Advisors

One of the core insights and values of the firm is planning for the tax effects of individual and business milestones so the firm draws on both in-house and outside accounting expertise.

Administrative and Governance Counselors

Business owners and successful families have specific needs for managing and preserving the fruits of their life’s work, the defining goal of our firm’s planners is to preserve the influence of founders on the assets they have built.

Solutions for Businesses

Transactional support

Financial and tax management

Governance & compliance

Ownership, investors, & organization

Succession & estate planning

Trust administration and fiduciary services

Litigation & dispute resolution

Bankruptcy and winding up

Regulatory agency investigations & disputes

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