Despite predictions that family businesses would wane, families with a plan prosper

The Economist’s special report on family businesses at the global economic level confirms what we are seeing at the local level: family-owned businesses are not condemned to flounder after the first generation of owners and clients have faded from prominence. Family companies’ sense of ownership gets round two of the most troubling defects of modern… Read More »

Government contracting & Medical billing: Avoided costs are kick-backs too

The Office of Inspector General’s ruling this week comes as an unwelcome surprise by casting doubt over the advantage of business models relying on related-party services.  OIG Advance Opinion 15-04 determined that, where a multi-office service provider might have an exclusive laboratory relationship, and where laboratory services were not charged to certain patients who were… Read More »

With a name like “cryptocurrency,” how can investors think regulation is a good thing?

If you considered accepting bitcoin currency in your business or considered buying some but delayed, you probably congratulated yourself when the bad news rolled in again and again last year. Important news stories broke regarding the implosion of the significant bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox as well as a string of stories about bitcoin fraud… Watch Video »