Healthcare Compliance for the Smallest Businesses

While the tax burden on business owners promises to be painful; the compliance burden for small employers is minimal with a few traps. There are at least four size thresholds in the 2010 Healthcare law with different requirements for each size of employer. But if you employ fewer that twenty-five employees (full-time-equivalent employees) you need… Read More »

Tax uncertainty weighs on small business

In case any further indications are needed, the recent article “Mere threat of tax cliff already weighing heavily on small businesses” provides anecdotes of how expiring tax provisions affect businesses. I see small businesses that are paralyzed by uncertainty. The election-year stalemate has real consequences. For example, [a] tax planning services [firm] emphasized the “on-again,… Read More »

Cease-and-desist letters that don’t tarnish your brand name

Last week I responded to a follow-up cease-and-desist letter from a corporate legal department. The corporation’s tactics amounted to IP-bullying of the kind that only works when small businesses are not willing to seek legal advice. (The small business in question had substantially complied with the original demand—one that I’m not convinced was valid to… Read More »