Article in April Communiqué – an official publication of the Clark County Bar Association

Convenient data storage devices and other means of transferring information can be a nightmare for employers hoping to protect trade secrets. Potentially misappropriated trade secrets can include nearly any “information . . . that . . . [d]erives independent economic value . . . from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable… Read More »

Governing Documents by the Members for the Members

We can debate in another forum many of Mr. Miller’s increasingly anti-business actions but I expect that we would agree that the multi-agency reach of the new business portal is a net benefit to the State’s business community. The portal is at and has been much touted by the Governor’s office at the Governor’s… View Image »

Healthcare Compliance for the Smallest Businesses

While the tax burden on business owners promises to be painful; the compliance burden for small employers is minimal with a few traps. There are at least four size thresholds in the 2010 Healthcare law with different requirements for each size of employer. But if you employ fewer that twenty-five employees (full-time-equivalent employees) you need… Read More »