Seeing the FSA analytics push as a win-win

Federal News Radio ran an interesting take on the Federal Services Adminitrations appliation of big data analytics to the pricing of government contracts. While the end goal is naturally to make Federal Agencies’ dollars go further, the way that the data is being kept open can help some contractors. The post tells of one such case:

“In one case, one of our industry partners, we flagged 30,000 parts on their schedule that appeared to be outliers. After taking action to reduce those prices, this vendor saw his revenues double,” Youel Page said. “It was a real win-win. He was given valuable pricing intelligence and our customers benefited from more aggressive pricing for the same value of goods. It was really through this partner’s realization that he was not marked to market so we were helping him become part of a more competitive pool of vendors.”

The stance of open communication means that businesses have the opportunity to adapt to Agencies’ expanding awareness in a responsive and balanced manner.