Business transactions and Governance Counselors

Our transactional and governance attorneys provide sophisticated legal advice on the issues most important to closely-held and private companies. Throughout the phases of our clients’ businesses, we serve clients in the role of general counsel as well as in steering specific transactions.

Undeniable truth #2: Accountants rule the world

The ability to draw on in-house tax and accounting experts is the launch pad for what has made our team so successful in capturing the greatest advantage for our clients. We are able to efficiently anticipate issues and structure transaction effectively for long term success by being sensitive to the financial details of a deal. Whether it is our clients’ outside CPA or the accountants on the other side of a deal, experience teaches that accountants rule the world of business—so we want our clients’ legal team to be able to solve problems as a team.

Following the lead of a governance counselor leaves businesses free to focus on why they are in business

As governance counselors, our attorneys frequently are asked to participate in board meetings and counsel officers regarding fiduciary duties and other legal matters. We strive to adapt governance best practices to our clients’ industry, complexity, and skills in a way that lets them run their business with the confidence that the details of the business structure are on a good foundation. They value this foundation when the need comes to rely on it arises whether through succession or liquidity events, litigation, or a need to obtain equity or debt financing—times when it would be too disruptive to set matters right on an emergency basis.

It is a great satisfaction to us to have worked with our clients’ businesses from the first rough concepts through to the time when the founders pass on the torch. Sometimes, the business passes to the next generation within a family; sometimes, it is through an acquisition and transition. This institutional experience allows us to see each transaction or each board meeting as a part of a continuing story for our clients’ and their business interests.

Help for highly-regulated businesses

The experience of counseling thousands of businesses means that we can pay special attention to businesses who must navigate heightened regulation. When regulatory red tape threatens to strangle the life and purpose of a business, we have experience implementing systems to deal with administrative agencies. We have been a key resource for businesses regulated in the aeronautical, government contracting, cross-border trade, and health care spaces.

Just as each industry requires adaptation; our services go beyond one-size-fits-all thinking. Our goal is to free our clients to spend their energy on what they do best and what led them to business in the first place.